Our Staff


We have six people who work here at Lynn’s Tender Touch Day Care. Their names are Lynn, Jim, Jamie, Michelle, Tori and Debbie.

Each staff member is screened at the FDLE (state) and FBI (national) level. All staff and household members must meet a level 2 screening.

Lynn has an Associates Degree in Child Development.

All daycare operators and all substitutes must have certificate(s) of course completion in infant and child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedures and in first aid training. These must be current and valid at all times.

Certificates of course completion are valid based on the time frames established by each first aid and CPR training program, not to exceed three years.

CPR courses must include an on-site, instructor-based, skills assessment that is documented by the certified CPR instructor.

Documentation of completion of the online course and on-site assessment must be maintained at the daycare facility and available for review by the licensing authority.

Tori, Lynn’s daughter, helps out with picking up after the children, vacuuming, preparing snacks or helping with crafts. She is currently in college at PTEC working towards her nursing license.

Jamie, Lynn’s son, has worked in the family business for years. But in 2010 he left to pursue a career as a teacher in Hillsborough County. He is currently a reading coach for Mort Elementary and a Director as U.S.F. Jamie still helps out on occasion, by substituting.

Michelle is a neighbor, friend and a substitute attendant when needed.

 Debbie was the owner of another family child care home, but retired 2 years ago. She missed the kids so much that she decided to come work part-time for Lynn.

Lynn's Tender Touch Daycare - Child Safety

About Your Child’s Safety

Your child’s safety is our greatest concern. Our family daycare home is located in a very nice neighborhood, but just to be safe, we have security cameras placed in strategic locations throughout our daycare, which allow us to view all areas of the daycare, inside and out, around the clock.

Also, people who are not on the ‘approved list’, will not be allowed on the premises. If you want someone other than the people on your ‘approved list’ to visit or pick up your child, you must tell us in advance and in writing.

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